Top 14 Anime Skins in CSGO

It has been years since the last set of skins came out with an emphasis on anime, yet that has now changed with the arrival of the Prisma 2 case. This is the top 14 anime skins now in the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The Rising Sun collection was one of the first to feature a weapon skin depicting a character from an anime, numerous anime gamers appreciate it. Anime skins are often associated with colorful Japanese themes and the term “anime” is understood as an animated cartoon or television show of Japanese culture. We did not include things that loosely relate to Japanese culture but that are purely based on anime.

This list below consists of only the best 14 anime skins in CSGO.

1. AUG | Akihabara Accept

AUG Akihabara Accept
  • Minimal Wear “30-day” average price: $254.76

Akihabara Accepts are extremely rare – so rare that not enough Factory New skins were sold in the past 30 days to determine an average.  It was sold on Oct. 7 for $848.05. Whoever bought it got a deal, since for now they’re the most anime-friendly player in CS:GO. The only downside is the fact it’s only available for CT-side.

As the anime skin featured the only anime female character in the collection from its release to the release of the Rising Sun collection, Akihabara Accept was unique for a long time. The image depicts a female army soldier plastered on a Japanese magazine cover.

There are a few game references placed in used commonly in CS:GO including:

  • Get Rekt
  • K/D
  • 1v5

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2. AK-47 | Bloodsport

AK 47 Bloodsport
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $58.91

A far more expensive version of the Bloodsport is also available with StatTrak. Upon closer inspection, it appears that the upper handguard has “Strike” written in a SEGA font.

In addition to that, the charging handle says “Lightning” in Katakana, which is about the weebiest thing it could possibly say, were it not for the part above and below it that says “Ninja-For a Silent Approach”. Bloodsport is a popular weapon that reminds one of what one would expect a weapon skin to look like if it went through a lot of sponsors (similar to what is sponsored by race cars or sports teams).

All of the writing on the Bloodsport is white and most of it is the statistics of the AK-47. You will see the following text written in English: Strike, 26, Voltaic, Boost, Automatic, Warning, Front End Danger, AK47, Caliber 7.62,  4.79KG, ,B-4-2-T, Accuraterange 31M, Penetration Power 200, Reload 2.5S, Speed-Precision-Control, Ninja.

This barrel features a color scheme of white, red, dark blue and a thin layer of yellow at the bottom.

The AK-47 is most famous for its subtlety, so it’s no surprise to learn that it is a gun best suited for covert use.

3. Galil AR | Kami

Galil AR Kami
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $0.36

This Kami skin on the Galil AR allows you to shoot people with a comic, so no one gets hurt. Kami’s weapon is a grey scale, meaning the only colors show are black, grey, and white. It was first introduced in the Huntsman Case on May 14, 2014.

Now that we’ve discussed both low-key and high-concept options, I encourage you to consider the Kami. Kami is available as a Five-SeveN skin as well, and displays a page from an original, Counter-Strike-themed manga.

 “Kami” means “paper,” but it can also translate to “god,” depending on the kanji, so make sure you load up on this godly and extraordinarily cheap skin.

4. M4A4 | 龍王 (Dragon King)

M4A4 龍王 Dragon King
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $29.26

The M4A4 | Dragon King is the English name of 龍王. Featured on the weapon skin is both the Chinese name and the English name. Even though it is Chinese, its dragon looks similar to those of Dragon Ball Z and other anime series.

There is a light blue background, dark blue background, and white background under the dragon part. Finally, I see a red line at the very end, going straight down and the end of the stock.

Although the Dragon King was released in the Croma Case in early January, it hasn’t seen much action in competitive play.

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5. M4A1-S | Player Two

M4A1 S Player Two
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $221.04

It has become extremely popular since the bullet count was increased on the M4A1-S. As soon as you start playing, you will notice a male human drawing a gun, in contrast to what was seen in Counter-Strike. His dog has a unique expression compared to what’s seen throughout the rest of the artwork.

During the scene, a curse word is spoken by both the human and dog as smoke envelops their feet and bodies.

Other words you will see plastered along the gun are:

  • I♥SKINS – A reference referring to someone loving their CS:GO skins. When read aloud it says “I love skins”.
  • SILENCE – This text in white on the barrel is not clearly written, in fact a lot people think it says “SHENCE” due to the font.
  • CSGO – Most people do not realize right away the text “CSGO” plastered directly in the middle of the weapon with the color half grey and half cyan.
  • GG – On the humans arm is a patch that says “GG” which is an acronym for “Good Game”, said by players after a game ends.

The skin looks like a mix between Astro Boy and Mega Man dressed in a counter-terrorism uniform.

Video games in China are prohibited from including skulls in their skin designs, which is why cartoon skulls are also prohibited.

6. MAC-10 | Disco

MAC 10 Disco
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $40.09

The Mac-10 | Disco Tech, recently released, is the ideal weapon to have by your side when you want a bight, colorful gun. If you like high school romance anime series like Kare Kano or Magick Girls, this is a great choice.

The disco dances as you run around any map, reflecting each light as it bounces off your skin, creating a different color depending on the light’s location.

Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Purple are the colors of the Mac 10 | Disco Tech.

7. AWP | Oni Taiji

AWP Oni Taiji
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $64.58

Among the Oni Taiji are heroic warriors facing off against a demonic ogre (or Oni). Although it is unclear exactly what designer L’grand intended when creating the skin, the name can be translated as “demon extermination.”

A unique piece from the Rising Sun Collection, the Oni Taiji appears to be made of glass mosaic. Among its elements is a samurai figure wielding his sword in an attack position with his right hand. Red flames are depicted over the stock as they flow towards the samurai. Purple hues are shown behind the images.

While you might be distracted by the battle about to start on the body and stock, the barrel and scope have a great pattern and color. Grisly but beautiful, this recalls old Japanese aesthetics like those found in the Crimson Tsunami. Excellent for the undercover webmaster.

8. AK-47 | The Empress

AK 47 The Empress
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $125.50

A popular AK-47 skin, the Empress has received positive reviews from gamers everywhere. It has a painted image of a Tarot card of the Empress. It is striking to see a female empress located in the center of the weapon, wearing a golden crown on her head and sporting long blonde hair.

The image is very much like a queen and her kingdom, as it bears crowns plastered across her body. The background is a dark cyan with gold and red. At this point in time, it is one of the most detailed skins in CS:GO.

9. USP-S | Neo-Noir

USP S Neo Noir
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $60.95

A female laying down on the ground is featured on the USP-S | Neo-Noir. Her hair hangs down the handle. Above the woman’s head is written “USP NEO” in neon blue on a background of white with thin diagonal lines of light blue.

There are two different weapons with a similar skin and the same name:

  • AWP | Neo-Noir
  • M4A4 | Neo-Noir

It is much easier to find these two skins than USP-S, meaning that they may also be cheaper. It is mostly the silencer attached to the weapon and the handle that show signs of wear on the USP-S | Neo-Noir. Good news is that the handle is dark and so one does not notice any wear on it.

10. Desert Eagle | Kumicho Dragon

Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $28.07

A dragon is depicted on the Desert Eagle. It’s pretty much impossible to imagine a fantasy anime without dragons at some point, and the Kumicho Dragon is generally one you’d see on banners or scrolls.  The handle is purple and the top combines light blue and silver.

The barrel’s top is adorned with a chalk outline of a dragon fluttering its tongue.

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11. Galil AR | Crimson Tsunami

Galil AR Crimson Tsunami
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $1.13

In the 1800s, Katsukhika Hokusai created a woodblock print, The Great Wave of Kanagawa, which inspired the Crimson Tsunami.  A number of artists, including Van Gogh and Debussy, drew inspiration from it in the late 1800s.

Hokusai’s ukiyo-e aesthetics were credited with significantly influencing the emergence of Japonism, a movement in which artists from Europe were inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Since the Great Wave is what inspired the first weebs, why not pay homage to it with an inexpensive skin for your Galil.

There are waves across the skin with a grim red sky behind them. The white tips on each wave show that each wave is rolling over.

12.Sawed-Off | Apocalypto

Sawed Off Apocalypto
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $3.81

An Apocalypto shotgun shows a zombie hand grasping a planet with an explosive fuse coming out of it with its bare hands. Stars and rockets flying towards the barrel appear in the purple solar system background. Players can see that the zombie hand is equipped with an analog watch on its inside arm.

However, the hour stick is drawn in the correct position on the watch, indicating the correct time of 1:26. The blood is pouring onto the stock from the end of the arm. There is a possibility that the situation may be reversed for players from China in the future.

Highschool of the Dead fans will love this skin.

13. Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

Glock 18 Bullet Queen
  • Factory New “30-day” average price: $169.91

The Prisma 2 Case, recently released, has a new female character painted onto the grip of a Glock-18.  Yellow stars are featured against a black background, with a female hand above her mouth to signal someone to be quiet.

The Flavor Text that comes with it relates directly with the skins image. “I’ll stop shooting when you start shushing”

14. SG 553 | Akihabara Accept Season 2

Anime skins in CSGO
  • Factory New “30-day” average price:

The Workshop Highlight takes a look at a skin created by an owner that we think deserves to be included in the next gun case. CS:GO’s Akihabara Accept might be the most anime gun right now, but Akihabara Accept Season 2 may be the most anime gun ever.

Even the hair color of the female anime character is reversed, swapping from blue to pink. The anime girl has been captured by a terrorist, carrying the bomb into anime battle. Indeed, its creator was so worried about making the mascot look like a moe [big-eyed innocent anime girl aesthetic] that he posted weekly progress updates to the workshop.

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