Top 10 list of twitch CSGO streams

Anomaly, s1mple, PashaBiceps, and Stewie2k are undoubtedly the most popular CS:GO streamers on their own. CS:GO players are real. Except for Anomaly, aka swedish PewDiePie, who is just playing CS:GO for fun, the rest are real CS:GO pros. We will be discussing the top 10 list of twitch CSGO streams.

One of the biggest streams for CS:GO on Twitch is s1mple – he plays for team NaVi, PashaBiceps is another huge channel to watch incredible matches. Stewie2k is another extremely popular one. Here is a top 10 list of twitch CSGO streams

1.Shroud (9M Followers)

Shroud  , CSGO streamer

The CSGO streamer list isn’t complete unless we have Shroud as the human aimbot.

 As one of the world’s most sought-after CSGO players, Shroud is known for his almost inhuman ability to seamlessly move between different shooting positions at any point in time. 

Shroud’s unmatchable aiming and game-sense skills are truly admirable. If you’re of the opinion that one streamer in particular knows every game mechanic fully, then Shroud is your guy.

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2.Anomaly (2.6M Followers)

Anomaly , CSGO streamer

Ludwig Lagerstedt is known as Anomaly on the internet and is based solely in Sweden. His estimated net worth is 5 million dollars. He began by streaming the game known as Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) which he still plays until today.

While he posts often about playing other games, like Valorant, Cuisine Royale, and Call Of Duty, he also posts videos clips of him playing them as well. He also has been posting highlights from his streams on YouTube in addition to streaming on Twitch.

Over three million subscribers of Anomaly are growing at a rate of 2000 every day since the platform launched. Since then, over one billion videos have been consumed.

Videos are uploaded around four times a week. The channel gets around 400,000 views daily.

Typically, this will generate around $3,000 in revenue per day that would translate to around $1 million a year in advertisement revenue.

3.AdreN (131k Followers)

AdreN , CSGO streamer

With so many channels to choose from, AdreN is always giving IGN’s audience the most pertinent tips and tricks to improve their game play. Actually, it is possible to say that his stream is one of the most educational CSGO streams available online.

As a head coach for CSGO team Team Liquid, his experience with monitoring both the battlefield and players performances may well be a motivating factor.

In the end of the day, he knows what needs to happen so as to win more matches, and he passes that information on to others during his streams. AdreN is your streamer if you want to learn what pros are thinking in competitive situations.

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4.s1mple (2.4M Followers)

s1mple , CSGO streamer

s1mple is one of the most well-known CSGO players in the world, a Ukrainian professional CSGO player who belongs to the Natus Vincere team.

One of his best skills in the game is a thing of the past, sporting some of the best skills to ever grace the scene. With those skills, you can also become the best by watching his stream on Twitch.

He is clearly hard on himself when streaming and strives to perform well in every match he plays no matter the status of the tournament or not. If s1mple knows anything, it’s to improve on his own gameplay.  When live on Twitch, he is not afraid to point out his own mistakes so that he, and others, will have the opportunity to learn and refine their own abilities.

5.PashaBiceps (1.3M Followers)

PashaBiceps , CSGO streamer

PashaBiceps is a Polish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who plays for He was member of the famed Golden Five who dominated the Counter-Strike global competition in 2006 to 2008.

Despite hardly a newcomer to Counter-Strike, he’s been cutting his teeth on the game since the very start. Doesn’t matter, because he’s a fantastic performer. On stream he cracks up a lot to keep it light while simultaneously displaying a high level of skill.

Counter Strike Global Offensive streaming has never been so popular with a streamer as he is. He should be a must-watch for anyone unsure who they should be watching.

6.summit1g (5.9M Followers)

summit1g , CSGO streamer

One of the gifted CSGO players in the scene is summit1g. Known as just “Summit” in the scene, he tried his hand at the professional circuit.

Summit1g decided to part ways with Splyce and focus on his streaming career after he was embarrassed by his team’s loss in a DreamHack tournament. Due to a mistake he made forcing the match into overtime.

Luckily, it has turned out fantastically for him. Despite the unfortunate mishap, he is still considered the most dominant CSGO player on the global stage and continues to prove as such in his streams.

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7.Ceh9 (645K Followers)

Ceh9 , CSGO streamer

Ceh9 was one of the players that gave Natus Vincere fame in the CSGO community, so it is fair to say that he has a fair amount of CSGO knowledge and experience under his belt.

Although if you do not speak Russian, you likely will not be able to comprehend much of what he says. Which does not mean that there aren’t opportunities for you to learn from his stream.

Ceh9’s stream would be an excellent choice to watch if you’re trying to become a great lurker for your team or just perfect your peeking skills so that you’re no longer getting mowed down in corridors.

8.m0E (849K Followers)

m0E , CSGO streamer

M0E is to North America what PashaBiceps is to Poland. In his streams, m0E focuses more on showing off his skills than on actual skill displays. Despite being considered one of the finest CSGO gamers in the world.

We can clearly see he is putting on a persona in his streams, especially during the more rage-filled ones. He does so in a way that keeps the stream entertaining and engaging.

You’ll get to watch some pretty skilled play when m0E isn’t directly interacting with his chat. You might even get the chance to check-in right when the game goes live. In a game where sheer entertainment is king, m0E would certainly be a tough competitor.

9.n0thing (660K Followers)

n0thing , CSGO streamer

A name that suggests nothing at all, n0thing is anything but nothing. Both his stream and his personality are excellent learning resources for CSGO enthusiasts for numerous reasons.

As an experienced pro with a strong career in the video game industry. n0thing uses his streaming channel as a coaching opportunity for his viewers and provides great insight into the competitive scene.

During his live performances, he frequently discusses the reasons he plays certain moves and how he gets them to the outcome he wants. This not only helps his viewers follow his reasoning, but also teaches them valuable lessons. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from one of the greatest North American music players of all time!

This CSGO streamer can be found for every price point, making it a lot harder to find the one you want to watch.

Whether you are in the mood for some entertainment or looking to begin your climb to Global Elite status. Just check out any of the ten top CSGO streamers from this list to see if they meet your requirements.

10.Steel (118K Followers)


Steel is an ideal CSGO choice for those players striving to reach the very top of their skills in CSGO and to compete at a top level.

Steel, who is currently banned from all Valve-related competitions and events due to involvement in an illegal match-fixing scandal in the North American region. He still has a wealth of knowledge worth looking into. Because of his incredible knowledge in every aspect of CSGO, he often makes it difficult for new players to comprehend.

However, if you want to sharpen your edge and keep honed as much as you can in your game, then Steel is someone you should check out.

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