Returns & Exchange

No product will be returned or refunded if (including prime)

  • The purchase is made more than 72 hours (Keeping in mind the instant delivery and nature of the product).
  • There is no fault or error in the rank of the product.
  • There is an Overwatch Ban, VAC Ban or Griefing Ban including Temporary and Permanently Untrusted Accounts.
  • You had violated the steam end user agreement after purchasing.
  • Account Carry party member ban due to the hacker banned in your gaming lobby after purchase.

Product eligible for return or refund if (including prime)

  • The purchase is made within 72 hours
  • There is no rank or rank expired on the day of purchase
  • Rank loss due to PMB on arrival
  • The wrong Rank Delivered due to a technical issue
  • Unavailability of a product after purchase is made.
  • The customer had ordered two or more times the same product mistakenly (report immediately)

Refund or Return for Prime Accounts (Additional For Prime)

  • Being an exclusive product, all prime accounts are unique and no two prime have same stats. In case of replacement of prime we provide the accounts with the identical specs to our customer if the original account is not fit for use due to any issue or we don’t have the product you had paid for at the time of purchase customer can demand refund if he/she had ordered the prime and is not available at a time of order and he didn’t like the replacement with similar specs. Please note that if the prime lost its rank after purchase we can re boost it back within a few days. Prime accounts also shares the same conditions mentioned above apart from theses