Buy CS:GO Gold Nova Prime Account


Buy CS:GO Gold Nova Prime Account



Gold Nova Prime account details:

  • Rank: Gold Nova
  • Competitive Cooldown: None
  • VAC Status: CleanSteam Username
  • 24*7 Customer service
  • Steam Password
  • Verified & Trusted CSGO Accounts.
  • Instant Delivery
  • 1 Temporary Email ID linked with your Steam account.


The CSGO gold nova prime account is located between silver and Master Guardian. It is upgraded from silver to gold nova after the player increases their ability level by playing CSGO, planning attacks, and striving to improve themselves. The majority of the CS:GO player base is Gold Nova. The skill level of these players varies according to rank.

Those at the higher end of the scale are more likely to understand how to manage the economy in-game, as well as each gun’s spray patterns and smokes. As a Gold Nova I, you are ranked in the top 68.07 percent of all CSGO teams. In addition, that means that if a player were to be put in a room with 100 other players. After that the player would most likely be able to beat 31 of them. For instance Gold Nova 1 is the first rank out of silver, which is a fantastic achievement for many players.

Buy gold nova prime account

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Gold Nova Prime Account Features:

  • CS: GO Rank: Gold Nova 1- Master Prime 
  • Private rank: 4-6
  • Wins: Random wins
  • Competitive Cooldown / Bans: None
  • VAC Status: Clean
  • No Hacks or Third-party software used
  • Hours Played: Random hours

Following details will be sent on your e-mail:

  •  Steam username
  •  Steam password
  •  An e-mail id linked with your steam account
  • Email password

Delivery Status

  • Your account details will be sent to your Email address.
  • Your account will be delivered instantly as soon as the payment is completed.
  • In addition if you require specific account it can be mentioned in the additional information at the proceed to check out page.


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