CSGO Legendary Eagle Prime Accounts

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About Legendary Eagle

Legendary Eagle is the first of CSGO’s elite ranks. At this level, you must have a high level of ability, great aim, strong game knowledge and understanding of how to play, and a thorough understanding of all of the maps.

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As a Legendary Eagle, you rank in the top 9.83 % of all CS:GO players. That means that if you were put in a room with 100 other players, you would most likely be able to beat 90 of them. “Legendary Eagle is a fantastic rank that most CS:GO players can never reach,” Total CS:GO believes.

Variety of legendary eagle we provide

  • Legendary eagle
  • Legendary eagle master

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  • Ranked Account Features:
  • Rank: LEM
  • Wins: 10+
  • Hours: 3000+
  • VAC Status: Clean
  • No Hacks or Third-party software used
  • Instant Delivery

1 x Steam Account which includes:

  • Steam Username
  • Steam Password
  • Email
  • Email Password (if required)