Importance Of A Good Crosshair In CSGO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive game is one of the most popular FPS multiplayer games on the market. It allows the player to customize the characteristics of the crosshair in game in order to develop their own game play strategies. Therefore, a good crosshair in CSGO plays a crucial role. 

Changing the game’s sensitivity and setting up your display is not uncommon for most users, but there are a few important configurations which are usually overlooked by most users. crosshair settings is as critical as any other set-up in CS:GO to give yourself an edge.

It helps players visualize where they should aim their bullet, and if it will actually land once it is fired. Despite this, it should be noted that the crosshair settings can vary each time a player logs on to the game based on their individual play styles. 

However, these tricks will help you get an acceptable crosshair that should work for most users.

Crosshair Settings

Crosshair Settings

CS:GO developers have made it so users can customize the crosshair settings right from the main menu. That means you’ll be able to customize it differently if the map doesn’t match. 

Some different kind of CS: GO crosshairs settings of the top players, that can help a gamer in a match:

  1. Shroud: Shroud was one of the most iconic players in CS:GO due to his strong blue crosshair without any gaps. The color is more vibrant, thus making it easier to see and track. Size wise, the crosshair appears to be medium; not as big as s1mple’s, but not as small as apEX’s.  Shroud knew what he was doing all along when you hover over the enemy’s head, the crosshair will almost perfectly line up at various distances, comparable to a face scan or grasping something the size of your palm. Shroud Crosshair Settings
  2. Ropz: Ropz has a light crosshair using a green color with a small hole in the middle. From a distance, though, it looks like a fully functioning crosshair. Depending on the distance, it usually covers your opponent’s head or in the center.  These crosshair settings tend to be effective, in part, because they are smaller than your enemy’s head, and you must make an effort to focus on the center of the enemy’s head. Assuming visibility is no problem, then this crosshair should prove to be suitable for you.Ropz Crosshair Settings
  3. ScreaM: Those looking to experiment with a “dot” crosshair might like this as well. However, if it’s too small already, you may be able to slightly increase the distance by in-game or script. You may feel that a dot is far-fetched, but have you ever considered why some prefer a dot over a t-crosshair or vice versa? However, there are pros and cons to using a crosshair with dots. Although visibility seems to be one of the biggest drawbacks, that’s perhaps a nice benefit as it mimics your opponent’s face, and so, essentially, there is only one shape to worry about.ScreaM Crosshair Settings
  4. s1mple: s1mple is mostly a AWPer, however his skills are impressive nonetheless. His crosshair features a white coat with a dot on its center. Since it covers the enemy’s head very well, it is typically easy to sight through the crosshair. The crosshair at a distance appears quite connected, but upon close inspection, you’ll discover it’s actually spread out quite a bit. By overall measure, it is an effective weapon crosshair since it strongly requires matching the size of the enemy’s head in close range and long distance.s1mple Crosshair Settings
  5. apEX: The circle with a deep red dot in the center is one of the largest crosshairs I’ve presented so far. Due to its size and color, it’s very transparent. And unlike previous ones, a dot appears to increase its visibility ever so slightly. Crosshairs tend to extend to the ears, but overall as crosshairs do, they are fixed on the head. Since they are dotted, it may slightly encourage accuracy over precision. I myself prefer dotted crosshairs because they remind me of shooting a laser gun with consistent accuracy.apEX Crosshair Settings

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Crosshair Placement

Crosshair Placement

The placement of the crosshair is as simple as it sounds – placing it to your own advantage and getting a head start on the enemy when approaching.

 Typically, this isn’t something to worry about when being new to the game, however, it becomes increasingly important when the mechanical skill gets more advanced and you rise in ranks.

A key skill with crosshairs is to make sure they are placed at the right height and width for a vertical target. At the same time, you must be able to get around corners with your crosshair glued to the corner in order to improve your chances of success with entries. 

Furthermore, make use of pre-aimed corners to place your crosshair exactly where the enemy will be, which is also a crucial skill to have when playing Counter Strike on a higher level.

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How important is crosshair placement?

How important is crosshair placement

The importance of placing your crosshair at the right height, width, along with pre-aiming corners. This can make a huge difference to your consistency. This is something many players fail to take into consideration when playing poorly or struggling to contribute.

 Thus, by placing your crosshair where you want it, you will experience massive improvements in your performance.

Are the enemy likely to shift-walk the corner, or will he usually Ferrari-peak it? Are you holding an angle with awp, riffle og pistol? Does he know your position? Is he low HP?

Place your crosshair at the correct height and width, along with pre-aiming corners, and you can greatly increase your performance. This isn’t something many players do when they’re struggling or playing poorly.

 You’ll notice huge improvements in your performance if you place your crosshair where you want it.

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Beginner’s Play Style

Beginner's Play Style csgo

Just when you get started it’s fine to go with the default settings, they’re not that bad. Any adjustments you make should be related to the crosshair, which should be changed to one that is static. This will help you aim better.

In order to succeed as a beginner, it’s not necessary and misleading to play with the best settings available. It’s not important, you need to learn the fundamentals of gameplay and to improve your aim.

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