Factors Responsible For The Rank Change Of Players In CS:GO

CS:GO rank, is what we get at the end, this is where we rank and how others perceive us. The rank defines your position as a player in the CS:GO community. For some it can mean nothing, while for others it means everything.

Our main interest when talking about Elo is in finding out how we can reach the highest possible ranking by following the matchmaking rules and doing the right things. Achieving a higher ranking is worthwhile and worthwhile.

Skill Group

Skill Group

 The first step is to reach level 2 / 3 with a brand new account. You can do this by playing Casual, Deathmatch, and Arms Race. Once you are granted placement matches, you will need to complete ten ranked matches to calibrate your first skill rank. Based on Glicko-2(matchmaking system), an account with few games that has low RD and RV variables, because the system cannot figure out if it has given them correct rank.

The first step in getting CS:GO ranks is to play Deathmatch, Demolition, Arms Race, and Casual game modes. Once you reach level two, you can start playing ranked matches.

 To enter CS:GO, you have to earn points by winning at least ten matches, and since you are not ranked yet. You will face very diversified opponents – this is extremely intimidating, but is needed for the game to determine where you belong.

Several cases of gamers getting ranked up or de-ranked after a game loss have been documented, some with screenshots or features. Thus, it may be a conceivable possibility. 

Scientifically speaking, playing a game where your team loses can cause your ranking to revert to 0 or even over the 0 mark, which is a very unlikely outcome and is extremely unlikely. 

Elo Rating works the same way for CSGO and makes it possible for an individual to speculatively accumulate enough progressively throughout the game to disregard all their misfortunes and proceed to the following Skill Group.

Although if you win all ten preliminary games without slipping up, the highest initial rank you can get is Legendary Eagle Master. It is also worth noting that you can only get two wins a day while trying to earn your rank. 

CS:GO ranks are accessed by the right of your username when viewing match scores, which is to keep away smurfs and hackers. Once you have earned those first ten matches, you will receive your rank.

With a lot of games, you will rank up and down much faster. Have fun calibrating!

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Trust Factor

Trust Factor

The reason people rank up or down in different situations is not consistent or reproducible but you have to trust the process of leveling up:

  • You can rank up with a win or a draw.
  • It is possible for you to rank up and down multiple ranks at once by winning against higher-ranked enemies. If this is true then the chances of this happening to you are extremely low.
  • If this is the case then you absolutely should not experience this. 
  • You can rank down with a defeat or a draw.

Factors to Rank Up in CS:GO

Factors to Rank Up in CS:GO
  • Win games with a high number of won rounds
  • Don’t be afraid to move forward! This is the only way to succeed. Or you’ll be stuck in the middle of Elo points system.
  • MVP-Ratio

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What is the effect of surrendering to my CS:GO Elo points?

What is the effect of surrendering to my CS:GO Elo points?

CS:GO actually rewards you if you submit if you are ahead. At that time, the rank reflects the number of victories you have acquired as well as the number of gold you have earned, based on your kills, MVPs and rounds won. 

If there is no other way to continue the game, you might surrender in an attempt to keep the positive Elo points. It’s just my judgment that you should leave when the game shows signs of being tainted by a troll.

Elo Points


A player with the same Rank might have several different Elo Points as a matter of fact. For example, 2 players who have the same Rank might not have the same Elo Points. Despite the fact that both have the same Skill Group (Rank), the player near to advancement will certainly have more Elo Points than the player near to downgrade. An aptitude group is similar to a title on a certain set of Elo Points.

In addition, it should be clarified that the way in which Elo Point has been determined with the purpose of determining a player’s Skill Group is NOT relative.

 So if player’s with Elo Rating of 1000-1500 are considered MGE. Players with 1450 Points gain 51 more points and advance to DMG. However they will again be sent back to MGE if they drop 51 more points over the next couple of games. 

The reality is that you can play CS:GO and win 20 games and lose 10 without getting up-ranked. This is why many people obsess over the CS:GO Elo rating.

In the end, what counts is all the hard or soft factors that Valve can get on top of the Elo+Glicko-2 calculation.

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