CS:GO Non-Prime Accounts

CSGOsmurfcart offers CS: GO accounts service ranging from Silver rank to Global Elite. We understand how customers feel, and aim to offer cs:go non-prime accounts at a very cheap and at a reasonable price.

CS: GO’s non-Prime matchmaking is free, but if you want to play competitively, you’ve got to achieve private rank 2. Getting to that rank may take time and effort.

 It is possible to try CS:GO accounts that are not prime for oneself and then earn Private Rank 2. However, you can start by buying csgo non-prime accounts from us and get moving in the world of pros.

All non-prime csgo accounts will be issued without any temp bans, temp cool down, and have a high-trust factor. You can start playing immediately after payment confirmation. A confirmation email will be sent immediately to your registered email address.

Buy CS:GO Non-Prime Accounts:

A multiplayer shooter game platform called CS GO offers gamers many possibilities, including Arms Race, Casual, Co-op Strike, Competitive, Deathmatch, Demolition, Flying Scotsman, Guardian, Party mode, War Games, Weapon Expert, and much more. Patrons are provided with the best graphics on the platform.

Those who have watched Counter-Strike Global offensive for years and love to be on the battlefield have landed at the right place. Being on the battlefield is what they fight for, and we help them win and rank. We promise you something special. Several non-prime accounts with proven performance that will help you achieve major wins are offered at our site. These include Silver non-prime, Gold Nova non-prime, SMFCs, and Global Elites accounts.

Features of Non-prime Account:

  • You can get up to 10 to 30 wins by having a CSGO non-prime account.
  • There is no Competitive Cooldown/ Ban in these accounts.
  • These accounts come with Instant delivery and Original email access.
  • They are cheaper than CSGO prime accounts.
  • VAC Status: Clean
  • There will be a high trust factor in these accounts.

Cheap CS:GO Non-Prime Accounts:

One of the greatest things about CSGO non-prime accounts is that it is cheaper than the CSG prime accounts. You are able to buy any of the non-prime accounts at a reasonable price. We have just the best customer service and instant delivery from our warehouse.

Can Prime and non-Prime users play together?

Yes, non-prime members can play with prime members, but only if the members are in a premade lobby. If both players are in the same lobby, then the lobby is called non-prime and the match will only include non-Prime members. The Prime account should not be required to play a Prime-only match. Prime accounts can offer a great match-making experience, but a non-Prime account gives you control over your budget and lets you more fully enjoy your gaming experience.