CS:GO High-Tier Accounts

Everyone is aware of premium accounts for various products, but this is special. The top tier is where it gets really good. CS:GO High-tier accounts are exquisitely fine, making them well worth the money spent on them. One demonstrates his commitment to the game by obtaining one of these to hit CSGO high tier primes.

All of the time spent playing CSGO results in high hours, different activity coins such as broken web coins, gold coins, silver coins, and all of this could be topped off with a loyalty badge. Time is capital, and it is difficult to create an account with extreme dedication and dominance. A high-tier account has everything: thousands of hours, a variety of service awards, trophies, and even activity diamond coins, making it a complete package.

Buy CS:GO High-Tier accounts :

These high-level accounts will effectively be their primary accounts, with a large number of hours, a generally excellent trust-factor, all of the collectibles that they had or recently required, and the best part is that an incredibly high serious status. Indeed, even new players who want to show off their collectibles can obtain these accounts and start pounding. These high-level accounts might also have a lot of skins depending on the dealer with a lot of wins.

So, if you are serious about Counter-Strike Global Offensive and want to get the most out of its interactivity, now is the time to buy a high-level account from our platform.

Features of high-tier accounts

  • Vac status: Clean
  • CSGO rank: GNM
  • Private rank: 2
  • Competitive bans/cooldown: None
  • Wins: 100
  • Any third party or software used: None
  • Steam Guard: Off
  • Prime Status Upgrade: Yes
  • Original Email Access
  • Overwatch Enabled: No
  • Service Medal: 2020

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