Beginner’s Guide From Silver 1 To Global Elite In CSGO

Counter-Strike has been around since 1999 and has lived as one of the best first-person shooters, but new players log into the Global Offensive servers every week. I hope this post will assist those players in getting into the game quickly and enjoying its competitive nature right away. Have a look around, try some stuff, and figure out what works best for you. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game, whether you’re competing or just for fun. Obviously, this piece isn’t really targeted at seasoned players

In csgo rules are pretty simple to understand, it’s the mastery, the muscle memory, the execution that counts. This beginners guide is been made to help you master the game. csgo is a very sophisticated game in a sense, one style of play cannot be generalized but a basic framework can be provided, your style and uniqueness will come after hours of practice and understanding

Basics of counter strike global offensive

I’d like to talk about Matchmaking and public servers (further addressed as “pubs”). Teamplay works better when you can play alongside other people in a voice channel, such as mumble, skype, or TeamSpeak. You should plan your moves and have someone watch your back who can tell you what’s going on. Matchmaking and pubs operate in various ways. Matchmaking attempts to place you in a community of players who WANT to play as a team, but most struggle because contact with other team members is difficult without a voice-over-IP program.

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Basic training: crucial before entering the danger zone

  • Footsteps are easily heard, so move slowly if you suspect the enemy is in the area.
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  • Crouch down to better your aim; however, when crouched, the chances of being fired in the head increase; use at your own risk.
  • Keep an ear out for footsteps and enemy fire (it’s easy to say whether it’s genuine or a decoy ‘nade).
  • Practice throwing ‘nades in bot matches; you can easily blind your entire team with a Flash and kill them.
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  • Use Smokescreen to conceal the action or to make a strangle-point.
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  • Molotov cocktails and incendiary ‘nades are only useful for preventing a rush; they do not deal enough harm to be considered a hazard ‘nade.
  • Use q to return to your main arm after switching to your knife.
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  • Jump crouched to avoid making noise while landing.

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The first few skills you’ll need to learn in Counter-Strike are easy, but not always intuitive if you’ve never played a CS game before. One simple rule is to keep the reticule at head height at all times. However, in order to be accurate, you must stand still when shooting; you cannot simply run and fire like in Call of Duty. You’ll get the hang of strafing, stopping, firing, and strafing again as you progress. You’ll get faster and faster, more precise, and finally you’ll be able to do the CSGO wiggle better than anyone.

In CS, your bullets will not travel in a straight line to where your crosshairs are pointing; instead, they will pass with the recoil of the gun. To reduce recoil, new players can practise burst fire (shooting a few bullets at a time). ‘Spraying,’ or simply holding the trigger down, is usually reserved for close-quarters fighting or submachineguns. Pull your target down while spraying to compensate for recoil. If you’ve just used a few bullets, don’t reload automatically. It’s easier to be prepared for another enemy to appear. Find a quiet place to reload, and don’t do it haphazardly.

The amount of harm you deal is determined by which part of the body you strike. There are specific numbers for each weapon and scope, but you should usually aim for the upper half of your opponent’s player model. The AWP sniper rifle, for example, can kill if it hits the head or upper body but not the legs. When the player is not wearing head armour, Kevlar armour limits the damage intake, and all weapons award a headshot kill. This is why the complete kevlar and helmet combo is so useful, as it prevents most guns from performing one-shot kills. Be mindful that the AK and sniper rifles can still do enough damage to kill a player with a single headshot.

Crosshair placement

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Aiming in CSGO is a particularly challenging subject. To begin with, the gun almost never shoots in the same direction of your crosshair. Bullets will fire anywhere but your goal if you move. And if you stand still and fire an entire magazine, the bullets will deviate from the crosshair due to recoil

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This obviously means that in most cases, you cannot run and shoot. Short-distance fights with an SMG allow you to travel quite a bit because these arms have better running accuracy. However, with rifles like the AK-47, any movement will make it difficult to reach even the most distant target. Each weapon has a distinct and fixed recoil pattern. This means you can learn how to regulate the spray from your weapon. The more you practise, the more accurate your CSGO shooting will get.


Smoke grenades totally block vision for about 15 seconds. That’s the way to go if you want to sneak around an open area without being noticed by your adversary. You can temporarily blind players and allow yourself some time to peak without getting a crosshair focused on your head by using flashes. Molotov cocktails or fire grenades will dislodge players and clear areas for you. Frag grenades deal direct damage (especially if the opponent is unarmored), while decoy grenades can trick opposing players into focusing on the wrong angles or spots.

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CS:GO Ranks

first, let’s take a look at the rank distribution

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the rank distribution of the first six ranks consists of mostly rookies . Silver ranks are classified into two categories, both of which are considered low tier. Silver 1 to Silver 2, Silver III to Silver IV, and then Silver Elite

The majority of CSGO players are split into the next seven ranks. The lower centre is considered the first four Gold Nova ranking positions in csgo. It begins with Nova I Gold and progresses to Nova II Gold, Nova III Gold, and finally Nova Master Gold. Gold Nova players are seasoned veterans who know everything there is to know about the game and can perform admirably.

The last three stages, known as the domineering personality, are the Master Guardians. Master Guardian I is the first, followed by Master Guardian II, Master Guardian Elite, and finally Master Guardian Distinguished. In terms of gameplay, these players are usually very experienced.

The basics are still uncertain, but winning as a team is the most certain way to progress. If you don’t play any matches for a month, your ability category will disappear and you’ll have to win or draw to retake it. You will be unable to play with ranks higher than Master Guardian I until you have reclaimed them.

If you’ve been in the silver ranks for more than twenty games, it’s time to take a break and look to advance in other ways. By the time they reach Legendary Eagle Master, players will almost certainly be playing in a group of members they know and trust to carry out specific game plans. Global Elite is the highest level in CSGO, and it is made up of the best players in the world, as you would expect.

Tips for reaching the Global Elite

Set up a deathmatch routine. 100 frags with an AK, 100 frags with an M4, and then learning ‘nades over time is a good place to start. Join an offline server and learn some grenade strats – the fundamental smokes and flashes. Nothing out of the ordinary. That should significantly improve your game.

  If you want to be a better player, I believe you should work on your decision-making skills, particularly in competitive situations. Your decision-making abilities, what you do in high-pressure environments, and, of course, your target are all important. You must be able to out-aim your opponent – not necessarily all of the time – but you must be able to land your shots when necessary.

You must have a clear understanding of the game, which comes from playing a lot and possibly watching team demos and people play. Find new demos and watch specific players in positions similar to yours so you can learn something new or realise, ‘Okay, they play this very well, maybe I can do that myself.’

‘When do I need to make a play, and when do I not?’ For example, in a five-to-three scenario, there’s no need to make a major bet and risk the round. Simply play it with your teammates and possibly group up with them. Then you have a good chance of winning the round. If you’re in a three-on-four situation and your teammate isn’t feeling well, that’s when you should try to make a move to win the round.

In general, being able to perform standard cigarettes, flashes, and utility use is important. At high levels, I believe that’s one of the reasons Astralis is so powerful, because we’re so strong with utility. We know when a smoke grenade is needed and when it is not.

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