Basic Knowledge Of Trading Sites In CSGO

Hello everyone, in this post we will talk about CS:GO trading basics and also correct the mistakes we made. This article will give you knowledge of trading sites. Trading is a complex business that requires a lot of time and patience.

CSGO Trading Guide Basics:

CSGO Trading Guide Basics

Several people share their experience on trading, and they talk about how much they made in a short period of time. But there are so many variables that can go wrong, I wrote down the following for a better trading experience.

All traders want to keep their cs go skins clear, so they don’t choose to trade down. For 1:1 trades to be profitable, you must remain calm when you trade. This is why 90% of all CS:GO trades get rejected, since no one wants to be downgraded! Everyone is seeking profit.

Think about investing a few dollars if you plan to begin your CSGO trading business. Thousands of traders have started with just a few cents and had to rely on hours and hours of practice to attain a larger inventory.

 A few people may fall down in the market, many others may be stuck on a level. The market is full of numerous cent items; every person wishes for a bit more. 

You ought to stay away from scam traders, invest some money, and take the plunge – you shouldn’t just keep hunting for cents. Starting with a few items for 2-3$ can be more promising.

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How to become a good CS:GO trader?

How to become a good CS:GO trader?

Don’t just do the deal right away. Take the time to get to know the person and their story, just as no robot is perfect: Where did he come from and what are his priorities? The small-talk starts to grow here.

A deal that gets completed with a guy you like is really valuable, it can help to increase your reputation on CSGO. When it comes to the deal price, you can start off high and go down gradually.

Keep things calm and treat clients fairly, especially if you charge a higher price. With aggressiveness and words you won’t be able to convince anyone. You need to charge slightly more and everything will be fine. 

It’s always a good idea to be cautious around big and popular CSGO traders because many fakers try to look just like them to throw other people off.

  • To ensure that you have the Steam64_id correct, always ensure the number at the end of the Steam profile link is valid.
  • Read the comments in the CASHREP thread in Steam community and find out what the community thinks.
  • PayPal transactions should be handled with caution.

Beware of scammers on trading sites

Beware of scammers on trading sites

Many people in CS:GO and also on the CS:GO trading platforms like CSGO Lounge try to scam other people to get their inventory.

In most of the cases, CS:GO Bots attempt to steal your Steam account through a message, send a link to you into the game, and then steal your Steam account.

  • Do not click on the links sent by people you do not know.
  • You should never lend someone your Steam account.
  • Neither Hust nor usf nor any other third-party software should be used for trading.
  • It’s a good idea to assume people you meet on the Internet aren’t trustworthy; they shouldn’t have your personal data or items.
  • Make sure to use the Steam login only on CS:GO trading platforms.

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CS:GO Trading Vocabulary:

CS:GO Trading Vocabulary
AutobumpAutomatic bump on CSGO Lounge Trades.
Case HardenedClean skin which is case hardened.
Blue GemA skin that is at least 80% blue.
Full Fade Knifes100% of the knife is covered in a fade (without grey parts).
MirroredPlay Side and Back Side has the same look.
BS or Back SideThe other side of the skin, which can be seen while inspecting the item.
PS or Play SideThe side of skin which can be seen while playing.
[W]Want (Example [W] 2k = Wants 2 keys)
[H]Have (Example: [H] 10k = Having 10 keys)
QSQuick Selling: If someone needs a specific item fast he will accept fast. Best case to generate profit fast.
AddAdding more items to the original trade.
Battle-Scarred (BS), Well Worn (WW), Field-Tested (FT), Minimal-Wear (MW), Factory-New (FN)Condition of a weapon, which defines the quality and lead to a higher or lower price.
Weapon-type: StatTrackSkin that counts kills.
K/kCSGO Keys (for example 10k = 10 Keys)
C/O or Current/OfferBest offer of a person
B/O or Buy/OutA B/O is a 100% accpeted trade.
LowballThe action of offering a lot lower price than the seller expects.
OverpaySomeone who has to pay more than the value to get a specific item.
SSScreenshot of the trade or someting else
Scam/scammingPeople who try to trick other
InspectWatching the skin inside the game
MarketSteam community market
Trade upTrading Steam items and skins for a profit
CS:GO SkinsWeapon cosmetics inside CS GO
CS:GO TradingTrade items via Steam

Additional Tips And Tricks For Trading On Trading Sites

Additional Tips And Tricks For Trading On Trading Sites
  • If someone is interested in your item, do not accept the first offer (unless the price is very high). Do send him a second offer which might include a small overpayment, giving you more value for your trade!
  • Put some effort into creating a captivating Steam profile containing links for trading, images, and an awesome description of yourself. Earn some extra trust and gain a shiny reputation.
  • Do not accept any friend request from private profiles, inventories, info-box layers, and anything that reminds you of OP Skin traders or similar stuff, these guys are probably scammers.
  • Your account should not have a VAC ban on it, it looks bad.
  • Make sure you have a good Steam level – level 10 is great to build trust, and lower Steam levels look like scammers. Put 3 dollars into a higher Steam level to make more money.
  • CS:GO Skins including Asiimov, Case Hardened, Cyrex, Redline, and so on should be traded with popular skins as they make CSGO Skins even better.

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